Here in this post you will see all the creative, engaging, mind blowing and cool instagram story ideas. As we know, Instagram is one of the well known social media site, with more than one billion instagrammers. It allow their user to upload media, which can be edited using filters and other tools. Instagram also allow their user to browse other users content by tags , locations & even can view trending contents.

Instagram has launched many new features to grow & maintain their user engagement like hashtags Explore, photographic filters & so on. Just like that one of their well known features is instagram stories.

This feature was launched on august 2016 which allow their user to take photos and videos, edit them by adding effects , layers and posting them, which will expire after 24 hours. According to statics in 2019 more that 500 million user use this feature daily for sharing their daily activities, for the growth of their business or promoting their brand.

So, here lets find out all the cool instagram story ideas, tips and tricks.

Why you need to use instagram stories?

We already are spending alot of time on instagram ,so just by investing a little bit of more time towards instagram stories which will help new people discover your content using cool instagram stories ideas. Its a hundred and ten percent worth it , you need to be utilizing instagram stories.

So here are the reasons of why you should utilize instagram stories.

#1 Increase visibilty

When you are constantly on the platform posting stories it show instagram that you are frequent on the platform & by using this you can also pull new followers/visitors in. So this will help you to get a lot more chance of growing your profile by gaining more followers naturally.

#2 Get more paying clients

After posting an instagram stories you can see who is watching your stories. So if you are an influencer or have any brand then it will be a great way to get more paying clients. As you might see that certain peoples are constantly viewing your stories ,which means they are interested in your page or like your page, so you can direct contact them/speak to them and can offer them a deal. Which is an another great advantage of instagram stories.

#3 Tell them why your process in better

Try to be more transparent with your followers/viewers by showing them behind the scenes videos or if you have a food page & you use all the freshest ingredients then let your followers see you buying them or picking them. You don,t have to give revealed your secrets but just give them a glimpse.

#4 Interact with your audience

Using instagram stories, you can interact with your audience or reach a new one.

Instagram stories only last for 24 hours but still you can take advantage because those who does n,t follow you can also see your instagram stories which means instagram stories are discoverable. Which actually will be a great way to reach your audience & represent your content in unique ways.

Size of instagram stories

1080×1920 Pixels

The best dimension of instagram stories is 1080 x 1920 pixels. Instagram is very strict with the size of instagram stories. If you upload a photo or video in instagram stories, which is not of perfect dimension then it will crop or sometimes zoom in/out of your photo/video.

Latest , cool instagram story ideas and features.

#1 Use ‘create’ mode to interact with others

Instagram has launched a new create mode on intagram stories, which allow user to combine interactive stickers, drawings, GIFS, templates, poll questions, countdown, and text without adding any photo or video. This mode provides an cool instagram story ideas for interacting with followers using all the cool stickers and polls.

Now lets talk about how you can use it…

Follow the normal step you do while posting a instagram stories.

Click on the Create text , mention on the menu bar of your screen.

Select the feature you want to use in your story and modify it by placing a sticker.

Publish your story.

cool instagram story ideas
cool instagram story ideas

#2 Reels feature

Instagram has launched a new feature called Reels, it is a short video feature. This new feature allow user to create video on the app, add creative filters & music. Reels is similar to tiktok & allow user to create 15 second video.

Lets find out how can you create a video on reels

Select reels option at the bottom of the instagram camera.

Click on audio option & search for a song from the instagram music library for your reel , you can also use your own original audio by simply recording a reel.

After recording you can give additional AR effects to make your reel interesting & different from others. There is also a option of set the timer to record any of your clips.

You can also speed up or slow down any part of the video.

#3 Choose who can see your stories.

Instagram has rolled out a new feature called close friends list , which lets users to create a separate list of followers to grant them special view permission. So that when you will post a story on instagram, you will be able to differentiate between posting for everyone and posting to your close friend list.

Using this feature you can choose who will see your stories. Now, lets find out how to use this feature.

Firstly, to use this feature you have to build your close friend list. For that go to your instagram profile and click on the three lines on the upper right corner and select close friends.

for adding them click on the add button. Add as many account as you want because their is no limitation on the number of close friends.

After adding them you will see them in your close friends list with a button to remove them and remember that nobody will be notified if you add or remove them.

Once you create a close friend list them make a story like you usually do but while publishing it click on the green icon with a star in between which means you are posting it to your close friends.

After posting it the story will be visible to those who are in your close friend list.

cool instagram story ideas

#4 Arrow pen

On of the best way to describe the motto of your story or to get users take action within your story is by drawing an arrow pointing towards the area of interest.

For example take a look at this story, in this they draw arrow pointing up from the bottom of the screen to encourage user to swipe up.

To use arrow pen feature follow the given steps

Open your instagram story and  look at the menu bar at the top and tap on the drawing icon.

Then select up-arrow icon between the pen and the marker tool and start using it.

You can also can the size and color of the arrow.

8 Engaging and cool instagram story ideas

#1 Pin a sticker to your instagram story

By using this you can pin a sticker to a fixed spot in your video. For doing that follow the given steps

Firstly take a video as you usually do. After taking a video, add a sticker.

Then for pinning it tap on the sticker and hold. After that a slider bar will appear at the bottom of the screen. Using that slider bar you can scroll through the video to find where you want to pin the sticker.

-After finding the place move the sticker and tap pin.

This is one of the best insta story ideas which will allow you to play with stickers.

#2 The Twirl

Create a twirl around your photo, which will make it look unique and attractive. To create it follow the given steps.

Select the photo on which you want to apply twirl.

Click on the drawing icon present on the top menu bar of the screen and then select an pen option to create a twirl.

If you want you can change the color and size of the pen for making twirl. After drawing the twirl erase the unwanted part of it by using an eraser.

You can even decorate it using other different pens.

cool instagram story ideas

Here take a look at this example in which they have made a twirl to make the image more attractive.

#3 Square letters

Another cool instagram story ideas is that instead of simple font you can use square letters/block letters and this will also grab others attention.

Follow the steps to use square letters

-Select the photo or video on which you want to use square font.

-Then click on the Aa icon and type what ever you wanna type in your story. After that click on the A icon present on the top left side of the screen to create a square shape colored background for the typed letters.

cool instagram story ideas

You can even change the background color of the font.

cool instagram story ideas

Look at the above example in which I have used square letters.

#4 Play with fonts

Next cool tips for instagram stories is using different fonts in single post. Which will make your story look different.

Here the steps to do that

Select the photo or video you want to upload and then click on the Aa icon for typing.

cool instagram story ideas

-Then after typing you can change the font by tapping on the name of font to scroll through the different font options available. For example in the image above the current font is strong and for changing it tap on that font.

Instagram currently offers 5 fonts, Typewriter, Strong, Classic, Modern, and Neon.

cool instagram story ideas

Look that the above image in which i have used 3 differnt fonts in 3 different color.

You can even add other different fonts to your instagram bio and for that you can use for free. And if you want to learn how you can change the font using this website then check my another post.

#5 Add a double layer of background

First Method

This is an another simple, cool instagram story ideas in which you can add a double layer of background to your instagram story.

For addding double background follow the given steps

Select the picture which you want to upload and tap on the drawing icon present in the top menu bar.

-Then select the color you want as another background and tap on the screen and hold.

-Now your selected color will appear on full screen. Then use the eraser to erase the unwanted part.

After that use sparkling pen to hide the marks of the eraser by tapping on the sparkling heart icon present on the top menu bar of the screen.

cool instagram story ideas

At a look at the above image in which i have used double layer of background.

Second Method

Select the post which you wanna upload. Then click on the arrow icon down below the post and select add post to your story option .

cool instagram story ideas

-Then if you want you can change the background color of the story. For that tap on the drawing icon present on the top menu bar of the screen.

After that select the color and then do a long press on the screen to add that color as the background color of your story.

Then type a word/sentence/symbol/emoji which you want keep as a background.

Copy the text and place it all over the background.

Here is an example in which I have used an text/symbols as background.

cool Instagram story ideas

It is an best instagram story ideas for business.

#6 Make your background image transparent

This tip is related to the previous tip, just the difference is that you will make the first image look transparent on the second image.

For doing this follow the given steps

Select the image you want to upload. Then tap on the drawing icon present on the top of the menu bar and click on marker pen icon.

-Choose the color which you want then tap on the screen and hold. It will create a transparent background.

Then decorate it using double colored text.

cool instagram story ideas

Look at the above image in which I used This method to create my instagram story.

#7 Add border to your image

Using this trick you can add border to your image, which will make that image popped out.

Here are the steps to do that

Select the image which you want to upload. Then tap on the drawing icon and click on the icon between marker pen and eraser.

Using that to create a dotted border to your image.

cool instagram story ideas

Look at the above picture in which i have created a dotted border for an image.

#8 Windy Raindow

This tip is basically used to decorate your image or video. In this we create a rainbow like structure with different colors.

Here are the steps to create windy rainbow.

Select the image you want to upload then tap on the drawing icon present in the top menu bar of the screen.

-After that you can use any pen of any color to create a rainbow like structure.

-Once you created the rainbow, erase the unwanted part on the rainbow with the help of erase icon.

cool instagram story ideas

Here take a look at the above image in which I have used this trick for making my story look unique.


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